3D Printing Year of Tolerance Logo

3D Printed Year of Tolerance

Keeping pace with the UAE’s interest in technology and being a pioneer in this field. Especially 3D printing, which has become a major concern of the Government of Dubai, where the use of 3D printing in countless areas, whether in the field of construction or innovation and development, Here in ARCH GRAPHIC 3d printing sharjah center was drawn and printed a general logo that allows a three-dimensional way to express us what can be done by three-dimensional printing, the logo was drawn while preserving the spirit and meaning of the logo. So that it is printed on most of the three-dimensional printers available to us, The printing of the logo in a three-dimensional manner is a great challenge, although it is easy to print, where it becomes a 3D Model can be placed on its own, and can be seen from different angles, and this is different to be printed on a paper or poster.

Converting Year of tolerance’ logo into a 3D model

The beginning was drawing 3D logo for the year of tolerance and in order to get the logo for the year of tolerance in three-dimensional and to be attractive and drawn in a way that can be printed in 3D Printers. So we had in the ARCH GRAPHIC to do a series of steps, which came in succession to simplify the work and make it printable 3D and be unique as it was designed in the website of the year of tolerance, and the first step began to print the 3D model with the change of color as was done in 3D printing for the Year of Zayed logo, but the result was not the desired goal to obtain a 3D product of the required quality, and to be innovative and therefore came the following steps in succession of what we found the possibility of modernization and development on the three-dimensional.

3D printing for logo tolerance year

Here the actual work began to be an innovative 3D model of the year of tolerance as designed in the website of the year of tolerance. Away from monotony has also been in the first way by changing colors, where a three-dimensional model drawing has been drawn to be closer to the basic design, This is why we had to make the background behind the logo for the year of tolerance to be hollow and this was easily to print on all 3D printers available in ARCH GRAPHIC, using PLA material and the collection of 3D pieces produced from the latest accurate 3D printer in the UAE became Freestanding expressing the originality of the basic design for year of tolerance’ logo.

3D print year tolerance’ logo in gold color

With the availability of a large amount of 3D Printing materials and such as PLA Silk, so we have to complete the previous stage and make the 3D Printed logo of year of tolerance more brilliant and glamorous by the use golden color material and the result was so impressive that the printed 3D model of the year of tolerance compared to the traditional color in the previous stage became more attractive, Especially for what it means golden color of aesthetic and gives the 3D printed model for the year of tolerance logo richness and sparkling.

3D printed Year of Tolerance logo with LED lighting

We managed to turn all this into a 3D model so it could be printed simply on most 3D printers. Not only did we stop there, but this step was the combination of 3D printing and LED Lighting, The first thought was to make the 3D model bigger so that the viewer could see all the fine details of the 3D model for the Year of Tolerance’ logo. To introduce the lighting element through the design, we had to redraw the 3D model again so that the lighting could be placed inside the frame and the we re-size the new model to become 40×40 cm, and because of the possibility of lighting change colors by remote control, we are able to change the color of the lighting and get a great diversity in many Colors.

3D Printed Year of Tolerance with LED Light
3D Printed Year of Tolerance with LED Light
3D Printed Year of Tolerance with LED Light


There are many steps that will come in the near future to most accurate 3d printing method for 3D Printing Year of Tolerance Logo by using other technologies, and this will never be the end. 3D printers has become one of the most important things in our life, especially in the United Arab Emirates, both in the field of education and innovation.

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