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3D Printing

Space Models

When it comes to 3d printing space models and 3d printing industrial models, we’ve got you covered. From the finest scale models of astronauts to the details of delicate spacecraft and faraway planets, we use only the most advanced 3d printers in Sharjah and offer a wide range of services and products in 3d printing space models.

3D printing space models with ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Service in UAE have made a significant impact in the 3d printing industry. Enjoy accurate space models at the finest scale, intricate spacecraft details, and 3D re-creation of faraway planets. Our 3D printers in Sharjah utilize state-of-the-art 3d technology for product prototyping and custom 3D printing solutions for our clients. We are proud to offer these expertly crafted models that bring your vision alive.

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3D Printing

Space Models


3D printing brings incredible new possibilities for creating. There are plenty of websites on the Internet where you can find a ready model for 3D printing, but few provide as much as ARCH GRAPHIC does. Choose from a variety of amazing designs of space elements, plants, ships, or Mars.

Whether you’re an amateur 3D printing enthusiast or a professional 3D designer, ARCH GRAPHIC has something for everyone. With its state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, ARCH GRAPHIC is the go-to destination for anyone looking to create unique 3D models and designs. Whether you’re looking to 3D print a model of your spaceship or 3D print 3D models of stars and planets, ARCH GRAPHIC has you covered

3D Printing Space Models And 3D Printing Industrial Models:

It is past time to consider space travel and the trip to Mars. Many people are interested in spaceships and space rockets, which is understandable. Some people like having little 3D models of spacecraft, space probes, and even the International Space Station, which may range from 3d plants to spacecraft, space probes, and International Space Station (3D models).

3D printing technology is a great way to create these 3D models, allowing users to re-create the intricate details and shapes of these vehicles in 3D. With 3D printing, you can not only print out scaled models of your favorite spacecraft or space probe, but you can also print industrial 3D models for various applications. Whether you need 3D printing for educational purposes, or you want to 3D print a model to use as part of an industrial design project, 3d printing is the perfect solution.

3D Printing

Perseverance Rover 2020 Model

3D-printed rover is a replica of a real rover that was sent to mars. It is a model of the real rover but is created using 3D printers from ARCH GRAPHIC. The rover was printed in sections and then assembled using screws and bolts making it as strong as the original.

3D Printing Perseverance Rover 2020 Model

Perseverance rover 2020 is a robotic mission concept for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate’s Advanced Exploration Systems program. Under development is a rover that can explore the lunar surface with human capabilities and characteristics, including the ability to set down anywhere on Earth.

This was a fun and simple model to 3d print. It’s a great little rover that looks like it’s ready to explore the surface of mars. The model was printed in several parts and then we assembled it with super glue. The wheels were printed separately and we didn’t glue them on, we left them loose so they can spin freely.

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