3D Printing Industrial Models In UAE

ARCH GRAPHIC’s 3D Printing Industrial Models service in UAE enables you to develop remarkable ideas using 3D Printing Technology and bring them to reality, ranging from military 3d models to 3D Printing Space Models and 3D Printed Infrastructure models.

3D Printing

Military Models

One of the best and most efficient ways of 3d printing industrial models is 3d printing military vehicles and equipment scale models is to use 3D printing technology. A 3D printing service is helpful for creating highly accurate and fast designs for military equipment miniature models, including small 3D models for Airplanes and tanks. The use of 3D printers makes it possible to improve concepts that are being developed for the equipment used for 3D printed military scaled models for militaries, such as weapons, vehicles, and aircraft, to be even more efficient and impactful.

3D Printing Scale Model of the Military using 3D printing! or a three-dimensional army tank! ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Fabrication Company in the United Arab Emirates is one of the best places to 3D Print miniature models for the Army and Defense, The 3D Printing technology is the quickest way to produce 3D scale models of Tanks, and army miniatures for educational purposes, exhibition, or to build a 3D collection of space or Military equipment.

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3D Printing

Military Models

Fast 3D Printing Military Models And 3D Printing Industrial Models In UAE:

By using a 3D Printing Service to 3d print military models, you may save money and time compared to the manual technique of model making. 3D printers also assist decrease the expenses of the model creation process, which means that military miniature model designs can be 3D printed rapidly and effectively.

How To Get 3D Printing Military Models In UAE?

ARCH GRAPHIC 3D printing Company in Sharjah and Dubai promises to give the best quality 3D printing models, such as military 3D scale models and defense 3D equipment to use for military and defense exhibitions.

3D Printing Military Models Prototyping:

ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Hub provides 3D printing services in the United Arab Emirates for 3D printing prototyping stages for military equipment such as vehicle parts, or for improving add-ons for military equipment.

How 3D Printing Technology Helps To Design Military Models In Uae?

The technique utilized at ARCH GRAPHIC‘s 3D printing service, a 3D printing company in the UAE, is to 3d print prototypes for military vehicles. The 3D scale models are created using 3D modeling software to prepare them for 3D Printing.

3D printing innovation enables designers to enhance ideas and create 3D scale models of military equipment. 3D printing is an important technology for producing military 3d models.

Using 3d Printing Technology For Military Scale Models:

3D printing brings numerous advantages that make it a significant technology for making military-scale models, including a high level of precision, the capacity to work on complicated 3d designs professionally, and the potential to save time.

3D Printed Military Scaled Models In UAE:

3D printing services assist in the creation of miniature military models for exhibitions, where models printed using 3D printing technology are displayed in fairs dedicated to weapons and military collectibles, showing the army’s military strength and showcasing new military equipment manufactured for the defense force.

High-quality 3D Printing Military Models And 3d Printing Industrial Models In UAE:

According to recent research, using 3D Printers to create models for the military provides better-quality geometry for the Products before final manufacturing, which results in higher-quality 3D models.

How to get 3D Printing Decorative Elements in the UAE?

There are various 3D Printed Works and 3D designs that are utilized in decorating that can be found in the ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Store, and they are characterized by their beautiful design and reliability in design.

3D Printing Is An Easy Way To Print Complex Military Models:

3D printing service is capable of producing very complex military equipment designs, such as vehicles and tanks, due to the high level of detail and extreme precision provided by 3d printers.


3D Printing

Radar Cobra Scale Model

The COBRA Counter Battery Radar, a remarkable achievement of precision through cutting-edge 3D printing techniques, stands as a testament to the heights of sophistication in military radar systems. Its fundamental objective remains resolute: to swiftly and with utmost accuracy detect the precise coordinates of opposing artillery and mortar units, thus bolstering strategic advantage on the battlefield.

Model Size is: (40 x 12 x 23 cm)

3D Printing Radar Cobra Scale Model

Meanwhile, the intricate 3D scaled model, masterfully brought to life by the skilled artisans at ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE, goes beyond a mere representation. Instead, it serves as a tangible embodiment of the radar’s intricate nuances and technical prowess. This 3d printed replica not only grants a profound understanding of the radar’s operational intricacies but also emphasizes its pivotal significance in modern warfare.

3D Printing

G6 Howitzer Model

The G6 Howitzer, also known as the G6 Rhino is well known worldwide. It is a self propelled artillery unit that plays a role, in the arsenals of many armed forces around the world. Its exceptional ability to provide effective long range fire support makes it a crucial asset, in operations, greatly impacting battles and campaigns.

3D Printing G6 Howitzer Model

A testament to innovation, the architects at ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE have undertaken the intricate task of fashioning a true-to-life 3D printed G6 Howitzer Scale Model. This endeavor has yielded a faithful and intricate reproduction, capturing not only the outer form but also the nuanced details and features that define this formidable weapon. As a result, beyond being a mere imitation, this 3D printed scaled model assumes the role of a versatile and invaluable tool. It offers an avenue for comprehensive training, enabling personnel to familiarize themselves with the Howitzer’s mechanics and optimal deployment.

Large Model Size is: (37 x 13 x 22 cm)

Small Model Size is: (20 x 7 X 12 cm)

3D Printing

Jobaria Defense Systems Launcher Cradle Model

The Jobaria Defense Systems Launcher, known also by its alternate moniker, the Jahanam Launcher, stands as a remarkable embodiment of rocket artillery advancement. Integrated onto a singular vehicle, this mobile launcher boasts a devastating degree of firepower, underscoring its vital role within the strategic arsenals of military forces worldwide. Its ability to swiftly deliver overwhelming force renders it a linchpin in the contemporary theater of warfare, reshaping battle dynamics and influencing outcomes on the front lines.

Model Size is: (91 x 12 x 16 cm)

3D Printing Jobaria Defense Systems Launcher Cradle Model

In a tribute to meticulous craftsmanship, ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE presents a 3D printed model that unravels the intricate layers of the launcher’s design. This 3D printed model is more than a visual marvel; it acts as an invaluable tool, catering to the curiosities of both military personnel and enthusiasts alike. By presenting a comprehensive visual representation, it not only underscores the aesthetic elements but also delves into the mechanics that propel this powerful system. Through this tangible experience, one gains not only insights into the intricate machinery but also a heightened appreciation for the technological marvel that the Jobaria Defense Systems Launcher truly embodies.

3D Printing

K239 Chunmoo Model:

The K239 Chunmoo stands as a self-propelled multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), imbued with the capacity to unleash a diverse array of artillery rockets. This versatile marvel of engineering assumes a pivotal role in the theater of warfare by delivering artillery support across a spectrum of military operations. With its firepower and adaptability, the K239 Chunmoo reshapes battle dynamics and enhances strategic advantages.

Model Size is: (36 x 12 x 20 cm)

3D Printing K239 Chunmoo Model

Through ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE’s meticulous artistry, a 3D printed K239 Chunmoo Scale Model comes to life, meticulously capturing the essence of the launcher’s design and functionality. This 3D printed scaled model transcends mere mimicry; it serves as a profound educational tool for delving into the system’s capabilities and tactical applications. Its intricate representation empowers military personnel, strategists, and enthusiasts to study, analyze, and appreciate the intricacies that underlie the K239 Chunmoo’s operational effectiveness.

3D Printing

M109 Howitzer Model

An enduring presence within the arsenal of Western armored and mechanized infantry divisions, the M109 Howitzer stands as a ubiquitous instrument of indirect-fire support. Revered for its adaptability and formidable firepower, this artillery piece assumes an indispensable role in the orchestration of military endeavors.

Model Size is: (40 x 13 x 18 cm)

3D Printing M109 Howitzer Model

In a demonstration of precision and artistry, ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE unveils a 3D printed M109 Howitzer Scale Model, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the very essence of this iconic weapon. This scaled replica transcends mere visual appeal; it emerges as an educational instrument, offering enthusiasts and military professionals an intricate and precise portrayal. By providing a tangible connection to the mechanics and configuration of the M109 Howitzer, this model serves as a conduit for a deeper appreciation of its operational significance and the strategic influence it wields on the modern battlefield.

3D Printing

Large Norinco AH4 Howitzer Model

Employing cutting-edge material construction to achieve remarkable tactical and strategic mobility, the Norinco AH4 lightweight howitzer stands as a towed artillery unit of exceptional significance. Distinguished by its ingeniously lightweight structure and potent firepower, this weaponry assumes a pivotal role within military deployments, exerting influence that extends far beyond its size.

3D Printing Large Norinco AH4 Howitzer Model

A testament to precision and innovation, ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE introduces the 3D printed Norinco AH4 Howitzer Scale Model, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the intricate facets of this groundbreaking artillery piece. More than a mere representation, this scaled model emerges as an indispensable educational tool, extending an invitation to military personnel to delve deeply into its capabilities. By offering a tangible exploration of the weapon’s design and mechanics, it facilitates a comprehensive understanding of its role and impact on the theater of operations. This model becomes a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application, enriching the understanding of the Norinco AH4’s significance in modern warfare.

Large Model Size is: (50 x 25 x 17 cm)

Small Model Size is: (20 x 7 X 12 cm)

3D Printing

RG-31 AGRAB Model

Engineered with precision and purpose, the RG-31 AGRAB, commonly referred to as Scorpion, emerges as a commanding vehicular platform entrusted with the mission of unleashing precision firepower across extensive distances. Infused with advanced attributes and fortified protection systems, this vehicle assumes the mantle of an indispensable cornerstone within the realm of military operations, reshaping battle dynamics and enhancing the strategic edge.

3D Printing RG-31 AGRAB Model

In a masterful display of craftsmanship, ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE unveils the 3D printed RG-31 AGRAB Scale Model, meticulously designed to capture the intricate nuances of this potent vehicle. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this scaled replica transcends traditional models, emerging as a potent educational instrument in the hands of military professionals. By meticulously embodying the vehicle’s design and capabilities, it opens avenues for strategic planning and meticulous analysis. This model becomes a conduit for exploring the potential roles and tactical implications of the RG-31 AGRAB, fostering a profound understanding that goes beyond the surface and delves into the heart of its contribution to the modern battlefield.

Large Model size is: (40 x 14 X 19 cm)

Small Model size is: (24 x 9 X 10 cm)

3D Printing


Positioned at the forefront of modern military technology, the SR5 stands as a Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS), distinguished by its capacity to unleash an array of guided and unguided rockets, even extending its reach to encompass loitering munitions. This dynamic and versatile weaponry marks an evolution in precision and tactical adaptability, rendering it an indispensable asset in the complex landscape of contemporary warfare.

Model Size is: (40 x 11 x 21 cm)

3D Printing SR5-GMLSR Model

With a masterful fusion of art and engineering, ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE presents the 3D printed SR5-GMLRS Scale Model, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship that intricately mirrors the design and operational prowess of this advanced rocket system. Beyond a mere visual representation, this scaled model emerges as a beacon of education and training. Aspiring to be more than an aesthetic showcase, it encapsulates the intricate mechanics and technological sophistication that underpin the SR5’s capabilities.

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3D Printing

Saladin Tank Model

3D Printed Saladin Tank scale model is one of our military collection Miniature models, A High-Quality 3D Model for the Army and Military Show in UAE printed by 3D Printers in Sharjah.

Model Size is: (40 x 21 X 15 cm)

3D Printing Saladin Tank Model

3D printed Saladin tank (40 x 21 X 19 cm) is one of our military collection miniatures models and 3d printing industrial models, a model of an armored vehicle that is very popular among the public. The plastic model stands out as one of the best in its size category. 3D printers have become popular in recent years because of their affordability and performance. Having an accurate model like this in your hands gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes your work more real. We guarantee you that once you have bought this item, you will be glad that you chose us as your choices are quite close.

If you are a fan of military miniature and a keen observer, you should definitely check out our 3D-printed Saladin tank. This interesting piece has been created for the Arabian Defense Forces (ADF) and represents one of the most outstanding pieces from our stable of military figures. This 3D model was created using the most advanced technologies and materials to bring you a piece you will be proud to own and display.

3D Printing

Humve Model

Renowned by its acronym, the Humvee, which stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, represents a versatile marvel in the realm of military machinery. This steadfast vehicle has earned a global presence within armed forces, celebrated for its enduring ruggedness and exceptional adaptability, qualities that have secured its role as a steadfast cornerstone across diverse military applications.

Model Length : 15 cm

3D Printing Humve Model

ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE introduces the 3D printed Humvee Scale Model, an embodiment of precision and artistry that meticulously encapsulates the hallmark features of this iconic vehicle. This scaled model transcends its visual allure, emerging as a practical tool that resonates with military personnel. It provides an experiential avenue for training, affording hands-on familiarity with the Humvee’s intricate mechanisms and tactical functions.This intersection of art, engineering, and education underscores the Humvee’s significance and underscores its lasting influence on the evolution of military technology.

3D Printing

Himars MLRS Model

Crafted with ingenuity and precision, the HIMARS, an acronym that stands for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, emerges as a lightweight yet potent multiple rocket launcher, meticulously engineered to deliver pinpoint precision in its striking capabilities. Armed with both mobility and overwhelming firepower, this system commands a pivotal role within the contemporary landscape of military operations, effectively redefining the strategic equation.

Model Size is: (40 x 13 x 23 cm)

3D Printing Himars MLRS Model

ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing in UAE‘s mastery is epitomized in the 3D printed Himars MLRS Scale Model, an embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship that faithfully reproduces the very essence of this advanced rocket launcher. Beyond its visual allure, this scaled replica transforms into an invaluable visual aid, offering a nuanced understanding to military professionals. By encapsulating the launcher’s intricate design and attributes, it becomes a tangible tool for strategic planning, enabling personnel to vividly explore the interplay of tactics and scenarios. This model serves as a bridge between theory and practice, deepening comprehension of the HIMARS‘ capabilities and potential applications on the modern battlefield, ultimately bolstering the strategic prowess of armed forces.

3D Printing

Space Models

When it comes to 3d printing space models and 3d printing industrial models, we’ve got you covered. From the finest scale models of astronauts to the details of delicate spacecraft and faraway planets, we use only the most advanced 3d printers in Sharjah and offer a wide range of services and products in 3d printing space models.

3D printing space models with ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Service in UAE have made a significant impact in the 3d printing industry. Enjoy accurate space models at the finest scale, intricate spacecraft details, and 3D re-creation of faraway planets. Our 3D printers in Sharjah utilize state-of-the-art 3d technology for product prototyping and custom 3D printing solutions for our clients. We are proud to offer these expertly crafted models that bring your vision alive.

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3D Printing

Space Models


3D printing brings incredible new possibilities for creating. There are plenty of websites on the Internet where you can find a ready model for 3D printing, but few provide as much as ARCH GRAPHIC does. Choose from a variety of amazing designs of space elements, plants, ships, or Mars.

Whether you’re an amateur 3D printing enthusiast or a professional 3D designer, ARCH GRAPHIC has something for everyone. With its state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, ARCH GRAPHIC is the go-to destination for anyone looking to create unique 3D models and designs. Whether you’re looking to 3D print a model of your spaceship or 3D print 3D models of stars and planets, ARCH GRAPHIC has you covered

3D Printing Space Models And 3D Printing Industrial Models:

It is past time to consider space travel and the trip to Mars. Many people are interested in spaceships and space rockets, which is understandable. Some people like having little 3D models of spacecraft, space probes, and even the International Space Station, which may range from 3d plants to spacecraft, space probes, and International Space Station (3D models).

3D printing technology is a great way to create these 3D models, allowing users to re-create the intricate details and shapes of these vehicles in 3D. With 3D printing, you can not only print out scaled models of your favorite spacecraft or space probe, but you can also print industrial 3D models for various applications. Whether you need 3D printing for educational purposes, or you want to 3D print a model to use as part of an industrial design project, 3d printing is the perfect solution.

3D Printing

Perseverance Rover 2020 Model

3D-printed rover is a replica of a real rover that was sent to mars. It is a model of the real rover but is created using 3D printers from ARCH GRAPHIC. The rover was printed in sections and then assembled using screws and bolts making it as strong as the original.

3D Printing Perseverance Rover 2020 Model

Perseverance rover 2020 is a robotic mission concept for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate’s Advanced Exploration Systems program. Under development is a rover that can explore the lunar surface with human capabilities and characteristics, including the ability to set down anywhere on Earth.

This was a fun and simple model to 3d print. It’s a great little rover that looks like it’s ready to explore the surface of mars. The model was printed in several parts and then we assembled it with super glue. The wheels were printed separately and we didn’t glue them on, we left them loose so they can spin freely.

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3D Printing

Infrastructure Projects

3D Printing Infrastructure scale models and 3d printing industrial models for demonstration and design purposes is the most accurate and precise method of obtaining reliable details compared to other ways of production. 3D Printers have evolved into the best tool for utilizing complicated models in a variety of industries, particularly those that require further intricacy, 3D printing has evolved into an essential tool for the creation of accurate and masterful infrastructure scale models. The 3D printing industry is rapidly expanding and customers see great potential.

3d printing infrastructure projects

3D Printing

Infrastructure Projects


There are many advantages to printing infrastructure 3D models rather than other types of model making, such as CNC or hand model making, because 3D printers provide the most accurate details and precision after converting a 3D CAD drawing to physical models.

At ARCH GRAPHIC, we promise to provide the best 3d printing infrastructure scale models like city infrastructure and water pump stations in the United Arab Emirates after converting a 3D CAD drawing to physical models.

3D Printing Industrial Models For Infrastructure Projects:

As 3D Printers have no limitations in terms of model creation and prototyping production, they are excellent tools for prototyping infrastructure models and 3d printing industrial models from the design stage to final production. As a result, using 3d printing can reduce the time and cost efficiency required to achieve the best result for any type of infrastructure component prior to final production.

ARCH GRAPHIC is able to provide the most competitive pricing to businesses and government agencies for the manufacture and prototype of products used in infrastructure construction projects in the UAE.

3D Printing

Sharjah Water Pump Station Modell

The 3D Printed Water Pumping Stations in the Emirate of Sharjah, which is a significant challenge in the field of 3D printing, ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Company in the UAE followed the 3D Drawings in detail of the Sharjah Water Pump Station, which consists of two distinct water pumping units, to create the 3D Project using 3D Printers that provide more accuracy and detail, allowing us to reach all details of 3d printing pipes and motors.

The Model Size is: (2000 x 1800 X 140 mm)

3D Printing Sharjah Water Pump Station Model

The 3D Printed Sharjah Water Pump Station includes 2 lines that are printed in multiple parts and manually assembled. Measuring 200 x 180 cm and 14 cm in height, the project features numerous independently printed components, including highly detailed motors and 3d printed valves that control the pipes’ flue, as well as a base that holds the pipes and all components.

Finally, the control panels feature LED lighting to display the actual pump station details; hence, we at ARCH GRAPHIC have no limitations in providing the finest 3D Printing Service based on our Experience of the 3D Printing industrial models

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3D Printing

Transportation Models

3D Printing industrial models and Transportation Models is one of our 3D printing services in the UAE. By providing 3D printed scale models of airplanes, cars, vehicles, boats, and ships for use as exterior Architecture scale models or as Trophies3d printers in the UAE have become more familiar for solving problems in a wide variety of industrial fields, with a high usage for 3d printing transportation models for Toys and Prototyping production steps, ARCH GRAPHIC, a 3D printing firm based in the United Arab Emirates, can assist businesses and individuals in developing transportation projects by 3d printing realistic transportation 3d models.

3d printing transportation models

3D Printing

Transportation Models


We provide customizable 3D Printing Transportation models in sizes ranging from 1:100 to 1:1000 on our Online 3D Store, and this is a new tool that assists architects and model makers in determining the optimum color for the model and the appropriate scale for the project’s scale needs.

Our models are made using the latest 3D printing technology, allowing for highly precise and detailed representations of transportation infrastructure projects. Whether you need a model for planning purposes or as a marketing tool for your project, our 3D printing services can help you achieve the results you need.

How To Get Fabulous Get 3d Printing Transportation Models In UAE?

Additionally, 3D printing industrial models of transportation models may assist the business in developing new items for display. As a result, the ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Hub in Sharjah can assist you in creating models for modifying ships and other modes of transportation. Simply Contact us and we will provide you with the necessary 3D printing data to finish your 3D project.

With the rise of 3D printing technology, businesses in the transportation industry are able to create scale models of their vehicles and ships that can be used for display and modification purposes. At ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Hub in UAE, we offer high-quality 3D printing services that can help you develop custom transportation models for your business.

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