RAK Car Number Plate Keychain

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RAK Number Plate Keychain

RAK Number Plate Keychain, in other words, Is A 3D Printed RAK Number Plate Keychain, from ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Company in the United Arab Emirates.

Number Plate Keychain in UAE by 3D Printers

ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Service Company in UAE made the mini number plate Keyring by 3D Printers and customized 3D Printed Number Plate Keychain for Car and Bike; So that, make your keychains more personalized.

Furthermore, these 3D Print mini number plate key chains are a must-have for all UAE car lovers. Not only that, but your vehicle number is 3D Printed in a lovely font onto a 3D Printed mini number plate that can be used as a keychain.

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3D Printed Keychain / General Information:

  • The 3D Printed Number Plate Keychain is made of plastic, which is easily broken.
  • The 3D Number Plate Keychain should only be used indoors or at temperatures below 45-celsius degrees.

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