FAQs of 3D Printing Company in UAE

3D Printing Company UAE Provides 3D Printing Services for Companies and Individuals, read more about 3D Printing company FAQs.


ARCH GRAPHIC, a 3D Printing Company in UAE, specializes in model creation for ARCHITECTURE and INTERIOR design projects, as well as 3D Printing Prototyping and Production, and further 3D Printing work and models. Kindly Contact us for more information or just Upload your 3D Printing files and let ARCH GRAPHIC assist you through the process of discovering our 3D Printing Service in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE.

ARCH GRAPHIC prefers to receive 3D files in the STL format since 3D printers accept them. and the software with which we may work:

SolidWorks (.SLDPRT, .SLDASM)
3Dsmax (MAX, 3DS)
Fusion 360
Inventor (IAM / .IPT)
Blender (.BLEND)
Google Sketchup(.SKP)
Rhinoceros (3DM)

You may upload your 3D model and our team of experts will promptly respond with a price, production time, and cost for 3D Printing models after reviewing your 3D files. and we will incorporate any issues, inquiries, or ideas in our response.

We can provide high-quality 3D printing services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and throughout the UAE, using a wide range of 3D printing materials ranging from cost-effective PLA to tough ABS, flexible TPU, and much more. Please read more about our 3D printing materials that are compatible with your 3D project.

All 3D products in ARCH GRAPHIC are made using the 3D printing method. We create the 3D product using 3D printers and then optionally post-process it to give it its final shape.

3D printing in the UAE is an additive manufacturing technique, which means that rather than cutting the product out of a large piece of material, it adds material where it is needed and layers the product together. Although the word “3d printing” is a generic term, there are several 3d printing processes.

To put it simply, 3d printing converts a computer 3D file containing a three-dimensional model into a tangible thing.

Each 3D Printing material has its own distinct properties and safety requirements. To learn more about 3D Printing, please visit our 3D Printing material guide and our 3D Knowledge Bank page.

No, you may use any 3d program that outputs our accepted file formats. If you’re searching for a free 3D modeling program, you may want to check out Tinkercad, Sculptris, or Blender.

A combination of clever 3D design and low-cost 3D printing materials is an excellent way to reduce the cost of 3D printing in the UAE. For further information about 3D printing materials in the UAE and 3D design suggestions, see our 3D Knowledge Bank page. ​

If your 3D model is too large for a single print, we will notify you. If you desire to continue, you may either edit your model to fit in multi-part 3D printing or scale down the 3D model.

When you need to create 3D prints from your 3D models, you have to consider a whole range of unique technical issues, including angles, overhangs, color separation, support, weight distribution, material, finish, durability, and the thickness of components. Our 3D designers have extensive experience in optimizing all kinds of 3D designs for efficient and effective 3D printing. For more information regarding 3D Printing material costs and design, tips check our 3D Knowledge Bank page.​

Absolutely, you don’t need to be a 3D designer in order to use our 3d print services, you just need to be creative! If you don’t know how to 3d model, just start with the basics.

ARCH GRAPHIC 3D printing company UAE provides 3D design services for your important 3D printable content, including 3D modeling for print, high-poly modeling, industrial design, and conceptual modeling. Our experienced team can help your company generate or refine new ideas and save time and money with all-in-one, personalized 3D design and printing capabilities.

The overall cost of 3D design in the United Arab Emirates is determined by the breadth of your request and the 3D services included in your proposal. Kindly contact us for a quote on 3d design and 3d printing changes. ARCH GRAPHIC is the greatest location in the UAE for 3D printing and design, assisting students, companies, and creatives with successful 3D projects and streamlining the 3D modeling process.

ARCH GRAPHIC is a creative place that offers 3D printing services in the UAE. We help anyone to produce 3D models and 3D prints in Dubai, Sharjah, and across the UAE.

Absolutely! After viewing your 3D files, our team of experts will swiftly respond with a quotation and estimated production time.

If you want a detailed quotation, please upload your 3d printing files and we will do extensive checks and return to you with the best 3d printing pricing in the UAE, as well as a secure payment link if you like to purchase 3d printing for your 3D models.

If your 3D model has a problem and cannot be printed, we will work with you to resolve the issue. You may always refer to our design guides to get the finest possible 3D Printing quality.

Yes, according to UAE law, all of our services have an additional 5% of VAT to be charged for every invoice.

There is no need to be concerned; just contact us. Contact our 3D Printing Experts using our 3D Printing Contact form for further information and specifics.

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