Frequently asked questions about our 3D printing service

What are the file formats supported by Arch Graphic for 3D printing?

Any 3D file that can possible to transfer to STL format, Arch Graphic prefer receiving STL that 3d printers accept it. Software that we can work with:

  • SolidWorks (.SLDPRT, .SLDASM)
  • 3Dsmax (MAX, 3DS)
  • Fusion 360
  • Inventor (IAM / .IPT)
  • AutoCAD (DWG, DXF)
  • Maya
  • Blender (.BLEND)
  • Google Sketchup(.SKP)
  • Rhinoceros (3DM)
How ordering works?

You upload your model, once we have viewed your file, our team of experts will quickly get back to you with a quote and production time. If we have any concerns, queries or suggestions then we will include this in our reply.

What Materials Can You Make 3D Models With?

We can produce high-quality 3D designs and print them on our 3D printers or make designs that can be printed elsewhere on a variety of 3D printers.

How are the products created?

All products in Arch Graphic are created by the method of 3d printing. We use 3d printers to create the product and then we post process it in order to give it its final form.

How does 3d printing work?

3d printing is an additive manufacturing process, meaning that instead of cutting the product out of a big piece of material, it adds material where is necessary and builds the product layer by layer. 3d printing is a general term but there are many different techniques of 3d printing.

In simple terms, 3d printing takes a digital file containing a 3d model and turns it into physical object.

Are your materials kids-safe/water-resistant/food safe?

Each material as its own unique characteristics and safety standards. To get informed please check out the material of your interest in the 3D Knowledge Bank page.

Should I use a specific 3d software?

No, you are free to use whichever 3d software you prefer as long as it exports our supported file formats. If you are looking for a free 3d software, you can check SketchUp, Tinkercad, Sculptris or Blender.

Is it possible to make my product cheaper?

Clever design and cheap materials are a great combination for lowering your cost. For more information regarding material costs and design tips check our 3D Knowledge Bank page.​

My model is really big, can you print it?

In case your model cannot fit into one print run (see 3D Knowledge Bank page), we will let you know. If you wish to proceed, you should either edit your model to fit in two prints or scale it down.

How Is Designing For 3D Printing Different Than Traditional 3D CAD Modeling?

When you need to create 3D prints from your 3D models, you have to consider a whole range of unique technical issues, including: angles, overhangs, color separation, support, weight distribution, material, finish, durability, and the thickness of components. Our 3D designers have extensive experience in optimizing all kinds of 3D designs for efficient and effective 3D printing. For more information regarding material costs and design tips check our 3D Knowledge Bank page.​

I am not a 3d designer, can I use your services?

Absolutely, you don’t need to be a designer in order to use our 3d print services, you just need to be creative! If you don’t know how to 3d model, just start with the basics.

What is 3D Design Services by Arch Graphic?

Arch Graphic provides 3D design services for your important 3D printable content, including: 3D modeling for print, high-poly modeling, industrial design, conceptual modeling, and rendering services. Our experienced team can help your company generate or refine new ideas and save time and money with all-in-one, personalized 3D design and printing capabilities.

What Does It Cost?

The total cost of your 3D design project depends on the scope of your request and the services agreed upon in your quote.

What is Arch Graphic?

Arch Graphic is 3d printing services and 3d Rendering creative space. We give people the chance to create.

Can I have a quote?

Absolutely! Once we have viewed your file, our team of experts will quickly get back to you with a quote and production time.

If you need a detailed quote, upload your model, we will run detailed checks and come back to you with an accurate price and a payment link in case you wish to order it.

If your model is problematic and cannot be printed, we will try to assist you in correcting the problem. You can always check our design guides for assistance.

Will I have to pay VAT tax?

Yes, according to UAE law all of our services have additional 5% of VAT to be charged for every invoice.

I can’t find an answer to my question?

No need to worry get in touch with us. Use our Contact Page for more details.

In general we consider big models or large quantity orders as special and we try to get in touch with the client in order to avoid mistakes.