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Uploading 3D Printing FileS will allow us to have viewed your file, our team of experts will quickly get back to you with a quote and production time. If we have any concerns, queries, or suggestions then we will include this in our reply.

However, If your file does not pass the repairing process, you will be contacted by our support staff. They can do some simple repair operations and present you with a quote that includes additional repair costs.

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Do you require assistance with your 3D files?
The most frequently encountered issue when Upload 3D Printing Files is that they are too large, and we recommend that you first attempt zipping them, Certain file formats may be rejected by the upload site due to system security concerns. In this case, please contact us and we will assist you.

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PLA is the go-to material for most users due to its ease of use, dimensional accuracy, and low cost... Read More...

PET and PETG material are known for their ease of printability, smooth surface finish, and water resistance..... Read More...

PP material is a Food contact compliant, Dishwasher proof and microwave safe and Lightweight with Shore hardness of D50 and can stretched up to >600% before breaking.... Read More...

ABS is great for printing tough and durable parts that can withstand high temperatures.... Read More...

TPU material has Perfect combination of strength, flexibility and elasticity, with Heat resistant up to 138°C.... Read More...

Nylon is a tough material that offers high impact and abrasion resistance. It is an ideal choice for printing durable parts.... Read More...


STL | DWG | STEP | SKP | FBX | MAX | 3DS | IGES | OBJ files allowed. 10 MB Max upload file limit. If the size of your 3D printing files is bigger, then please upload that to WeTransfer and info@arch-graphic.com.

Our system will not accept any data that is incorrect, so please provide only reliable information.


JPG| JPEG | GIF | PNG| BMP  files allowed. 5 MB Max upload file limit. If the size of your 3D printing files is bigger, then please upload that to WeTransfer and info@arch-graphic.com.

Our system will not accept any data that is incorrect, so please provide only reliable information.


If your 3D files are in another format, simply Contact Us and send them via email;
if your 3D files are more than 25MB, or if you are having difficulty uploading or sending an attached email to info@arch-graphic.com, we recommend that you use an uploading site, such as WeTransfer.
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After you upload 3D Printing Files, ARCH GRAPHIC Hubs experienced Printing Master will check them for problems and provide you with a price for the cost of 3d printing your prints.
Our support staff will notify you if your 3D files do not pass the repair process. They can perform some minor repairs and provide you with a price that includes the cost of additional repairs.


Many people are curious about the cost of 3D printing in the UAE. We used to say it depends because it does, but the 3D printing price is determined by factors such as the amount of 3D Printing Material used, the size and 3D shape of the 3D printing product, how difficult the shape is, the color, and so on.

What is the next step after uploading your 3D Printing Files?

We tell our clients, “It depends.” Without the 3D model, even experienced ones find it difficult to provide an accurate quote for a 3D print. The 3D model provides us with critical information that will assist us in quoting a 3D print.

The Volume of The 3D Model can affect the price!

The volume of your model doesn’t just indicate how much it will cost to 3d print upload it. It also allows you to estimate the time needed for 3D printing and the amount of material required.

3D Mesh Complexity vs 3D Printing Price!

Some 3D models are 3D print-ready, while others are simply insane. 3D printing services necessitate planning and preparation. Automation is not always the best solution for simple products, but it may be the best solution for intricate components and architectural models. Even with the most sophisticated algorithm, you still need some human guidance.

3D Printing Material Type vs Price!

When choosing Materials for 3D printing, the cost is important. There are numerous options, so we’ll concentrate on the most popular, like FDM 3D Printers as well as resin.
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How long does it take to 3D Print?

Depending on how much 3D Printing filament is used, printing the small flatted model can take 10-20 minutes, and 3D Printing large objects can take hours. Many of the orders set their print time to print overnight, and 3D printing time is affected by the following settings.
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Quality Vs Price!

Adjust the layer height between 50 and 200 microns. Thinner layers take longer but produce higher-quality, smoother prints, or they cost more.

Infill % vs Price!

Instead of solid objects being 3D printed, they can be ‘honeycombed.’ This both speeds up the printing and saves filament.

How The 3D Model Footprint can Change the 3D Printing Cost!

The footprint of the 3D part influences the time it takes to 3D print. The greater the footprint, the greater the distance the print head must travel from its starting point to complete each layer.
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