ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Service Refund Policy


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Inspection – Returns – Replacements – Refunds

1- 3D Scaled Models and 3D Printed Models are custom-made for the person who orders 3d models or uploads his 3d file/files, so Arch Graphic will not refund or return or change any 3D model after receiving the items with points below:

  1. The Order color received is different in color or material from which chosen in the purchase.
  2. The Order received is a different item from the purchased one.

2- 3D Scaled Models and 3D Printed Models are made by 3D Printing Technology, therefore, layers in height of 3d Objects are visible, and we cannot avoid that, and we don’t refund/change for this reason.

3- Arch Graphic will not be responsible for your design scale or dimension for the 3D Printed models and we don’t have any guarantee for your 3d models to fit together – this is a design issue -, we will print what we will receive and we don’t refund or change Items for this reason.

4- 3D Scaled Models are designed in a certain way to be 3d printed, therefore we change some width, length, and height to be able to print and we don’t have any responsibility if it is bigger or smaller compared with real scale measurement, and we don’t refund/ change for that.

5- Arch Graphic can change any 3D Models design, or remove it from the store at any time without notifying you.

6- Arch Graphic can reject any order even after payment. And we will refund you the full payment.

7- Arch Graphic has many Suppliers for RAW material to make 3d Scaled models so the tone of the color can be changed at any time, therefore the color in store is just for choosing your color but it might be a bit lighter or darker, and we don’t have any guarantee to give the model in same color matched in the box you choose. So we don’t refund/change for this reason.

8- Our 3D Scaled Models are made from many materials, one of this material is PLA Material, and it should be used for the indoor purpose only, It is not possible to use it outdoors, and will vacate in 45+ c temp, therefore Arch Graphic will not refund/ change or return for this reason.

9- Our 3D scaled Models are made from plastic and can be easily broken, therefore Arch Graphic will not refund or return, or even change the 3D scaled Models if it’s broken or damaged from your side.