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Upload 3D Printing File will alloew us to have viewed your file, our team of experts will quickly get back to you with a quote and production time. If we have any concerns, queries or suggestions then we will include this in our reply.

However, If your file does not pass the repairing process, you will be contacted by our support staff. They can do some simple repair operations and present you with a quote that includes additional repair costs.

Please visit our 3D Knowledge Base Page for additional information.



Upload 3D Printing STL File for Printing, because 3D Printers only take STL file format, but if your file is in another extension, simply contact us and upload your files via email, and we will call you back with our recommendation.

If you have a file(s) bigger than 25mb, or if you are having trouble uploading or sending an attached email to info@arch-graphic.com, we recommend that you utilize an uploading platform, such as WeTransfer..

Do you want to 3D print a 3D object? Allow us to print it for you! Fill up the form below or send your print to info@arch-graphic.com.

Once you have submitted your “STL” file, our skilled Printing Master will evaluate it for errors and prepare a quote for the cost of the print for you to approve. If you’re unsure about the specifications of your project, we can walk you through them over WhatsApp.

Please contact us at info@arch-graphic.com for a consultation if you have any modeling needs or other specific enquiries.

Only STL file allowed. 25 MB Max upload file limit. If the size of your files are bigger, then please upload that to wetransfer and info@arch-graphic.com.